Wednesday, 27 January 2010

T-Mobile UK Confirms HTC Touch HD2 & Touch 2 Release Date Set for November, HTC Touch HD2 Sloppy on Specs

Motorola MILESTONE is not the only mobile phone to release in Europe
this November as we caught wind that T-Mobile UK have confirmed that the
new HTC Touch HD2 and the entry-level HTC Touch2 are going to be
available soon on their network. But other than making a lot of Brits
happy with the announcement, there's another interesting part as it
turns out T-Mobile UK may have the specs wrong — at least for the
Touch HD2.
Regular TFTS readers should already know that HTC Touch HD2 actually
brings a 4.3-inch high resolution rather than the 3.8-inch it's been
listed with. More to it, the smartphone runs the latest iteration of
Windows Mobile (6.5) so why would it offer access to Android Market
since Google's Mobile operating system won't come in the box? Or maybe
there is but we know nothing about it?
At least the 5-megapixel camera confirms!
What we know so far regarding availability is that the HD2 will be
officially launched on November 4th while the Touch2 should be available
in stores starting November 11th.
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