Saturday, 30 January 2010

Google Dashboard Knows Everything About You Are You Comfortable with Google Knowing All Your Secrets?

Google is undoubtedly one of the best resources the Internet has to
offer. The company has so many tools available which most of use every
day that we d simply hate to see the Internet without Google. Sure we
can complain all we want about various aspects concerning Google s
services but we won t be able to deny the fact that, in the end, we don
t mind seeing Google taking over the Internet.
A new feature has been brought to our attention. Google has unveiled the
Google Dashboard which is supposed to be a service that will keep track
of everything you re doing online with your Google account. Google s aim
is to provide a transparent look into the information it stores about
you. The whole thing is a good idea if know for a fact that nobody else
is able to access your Google account. Because if they can, they will
know everything else Google knows about you.
The Dashboard offers quick access to all Google s services that you
happen to use. Everything is nicely stored on a single web page. More
than 20 services and tools are currently available in the Dashboard and
those include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Voice, YouTube, Picassa, Wave,
Checkout, Blogger, Calendar, Orkut, Talk, Reader, Alerts, Latitude,
Maps, AdSense, AdWords, Tasks, iGoogle, Analytics, Feedburner, Groups
and more. I got tired listing all these services and I don t even use
them all yet. I'm sure though that with the Dashboard in place we will
rethink our whole approach when it comes to Google services. The new app
might bring some of the apps that we knew little about to our attention.
In other words, the Dashboard might just be the app manager we were
looking for our Google account.
Like I said above, there s nothing to worry about when it comes to your
privacy. Sure it all becomes dangerous when someone manages to steal
your identity but you do know how to prevent that, right? The
information stored into the Dashboard can be very limited if you happen
to use only a few Google services but it will amount to more and more as
you let more Google tools enter your life.
If you re really paranoid about it you can use various Google accounts
to make sure that at least stuff like your personal email and calendar
are stored safely. That will not guarantee however that your Google
accounts will be completely safe when it comes to hacking. The
alternative is to stop using Google altogether which is something less
likely to happen. As I said at the beginning, Google is slowly taking
the Internet over and whether we like it or not, we re already happy
about using some of its services. So why not get familiar with the
Dashboard already? What s your opinion on the Dashboard? Have you had a
chance of testing it yet?
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