Saturday, 30 January 2010

Best Buy to Sell $249 Acer Laptop Starting Tomorrow? Intel Celeron CPU, 15-IN Display, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD Windows 7 Premium Inside

Best Buy is getting ready to sell a laptop priced at $249. That s a
laptop, not a netbook as you expect. The machine should be announced
tomorrow but we already have an idea of what it s capable of offering.
The laptop is said to be made by Acer and it apparently has some very
decent specs inside. In fact, the unnamed laptop will be able to run
Windows 7 Premium which is quite impressive. At $249 this Acer notebook
is going to be the cheapest Best Buy laptop available and it s going to
be a lot cheaper than some of the latest netbooks available out there.
The laptop will offer an Intel Celeron processor, a 15.4-inch screen,
2GB of memory a 160GB hard drive and Windows 7 Premium. The Intel
Celeron 900 processor offers 1MB cache memory and runs at 2.20GHz which
is definitely a lot better than a netbook processor like the Z550 Atom
that would run at 2.0GHz while being able to offer just 512Kb of cache.
This Acer laptop will definitely surpass netbooks when it comes to
overall performance and the extra screen space is most welcomed. Not to
mention the presence of a regular laptop keyboard which we will
certainly appreciate.
This very cheap laptop could be a best seller especially now that the
holiday season is coming. Considering the economic crisis that we still
have to face, a laptop priced at $249 is more than welcomed and Best Buy
could end up selling a significant number of cheap laptops in the
following months.
Here s what a Best Buy spokesman had to say about laptops and netbooks:
It's gone from one PC per household to one PC per person. And sometimes
more than one laptop per person.
On comparison the cheapest laptop coming from Apple is priced at $999
and we re talking about the new 13-inch white MacBook version launch a
couple of weeks ago. This upcoming Best Buy offer looks better and
better especially if it s intended to be a gift for your kids or your
second notebook.
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