Wednesday, 27 January 2010

enTourage eDGe Hybrid eBook Reader / Netbook Gets Official Marvell and E Ink Announce New Ultra Thin Dual eReader

What do you say, do we really need a new eBook reader? What happened
with everyone out there? So many new devices have been unveiled so far
and it looks like manufacturers will not stop yet. Marvell has decided
to team up with E Ink and launch a totally new eBook reader concept, a
dualbook that works as an eBook reader but also as a netbook.
The enTourage eDGe is the product in question and it combines an �E Ink
reader with a netbook, notepad and audio/video player and recorder into
one central device. � Details about the product are scarce to say the
least at this point but we should have more information about the
enTourage eDGe in the near future.
What we do know is that the device will use Marvell s ARMADA 166E
application processor which is a System-on-Chip. The SoC will be able to
offer �ultra fast renderings of high resolution PDF documents � and it
will be able to deal with all sorts of other activities performed by the
netbook. On top of that the ARMADA processor will be very energy
efficient as it will bring you a zero power hibernation mode. This whole
new technology will be packed into a smaller, slimmer �form factor �
that will be cheaper than what the competition already has in store for
you. The device is expected to come with WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth
connectivity and it will offer support for a bunch of operating systems
out there: Google Android, Microsoft Windows Embedded, Microsoft Windows
Mobile, Ubuntu and Maemo.
The main idea from the official press release is that the enTourage eDGe
will be a very capable and very affordable eBook reader solution in the
near future. And by near future we mean of course 2010 when the product
should be available to the masses.
So what s that popular about eBook readers I ask again? If we are to
believe a recent iSuppli Research report, eReaders will become quite
popular in the following years. It s being projected that 18 million
units or more will be shipped in 2010 compared to 1.1 million units last
year. Are you ready to buy your eBook reader?
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