Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Motorola Droid to be Sold Early on November 6 Verizon Stores to Open Doors Early for the Droid

Verizon is definitely decided to make the most of the Motorola Droid
launch day. The hot phone will be available in Big Red stores starting
with November 6, but I m sure you already know that. What you don t know
is that Verizon is going to make the day as special as possible in order
for its customers to enjoy as much as possible the Droid launch day.
Verizon has officially announced that many of its more than 2,000
Communication Stores will be opening their doors early this Friday.
Stores will open from 7-8 AM in the morning and if you haven t
pre-ordered the Droid from Best Buy yet, it might be a good idea for you
to go to a Verizon store as early as possible.
Besides the extended hours, Verizon will also offer you in-store demos
of the Droid. If you have any questions regarding your newly purchased
device you should definitely ask for help. Demonstrations will only be
available in select location though so don t be mad if your local store
can t put on a big show for you.
One of the most interesting events taking place next Friday is the
rumored �Droid Does Times Square � event which we ve told you about in
an earlier post. If you happen to be in New York this Friday, you will
be able to control the NASDAQ and Reuters signs by voice commands only.
You ll have to call a toll-free number and then you ll be able to search
for stuff around the Times Square area. The results will be displayed on
the boards through Google Maps. The whole experience will be available
for you to watch in real-time online in case you re not in New York.
This special feature will be offered only to Droid users from November 6
through November 20, daily from 12:30 PM to 2:10 PM and from 6:30 PM to
8:10 PM. The billboards will also be controllable from 6:00 AM on
November 27 through 2:00 AM on November 28.
So what do you say? Are you excited about the Droid?
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