Monday, 25 January 2010

Buy One BlackBerry Storm2 Get One Free Storm2 Included in Verizon Wireless BOGO Promotion

The BlackBerry Storm2 was yesterday s main loser and I m not proud to
say it. The Storm2 is one of the finest BlackBerry smartphones out there
but Verizon decided to make it available the same day the Droid hit. And
as you can easily see, the Droid is getting all the titles while the
Storm2 gets mentioned at the bottom of the page.
But there are a lot of people that will get a Storm2 in the near future,
not only because the phone is really hot, but because Verizon Wireless
is offering two Storm2 smartphones for the price of one. The buy one get
one free campaign includes the Storm2 which means that lots of people
will want to take advantage of the offer.
And here s how you can purchase a new Storm2 without a new contract and
for a cheaper price than the contract free version. All you need is a
friend or family member to buy the Storm2 and order a second Storm2 for
you. You ll end up paying less for the phone without having to ink a
2-year agreement with Big Red.
In case you don t know anyone that wants a Storm2 then go ahead and hit
eBay instead. A lot of other BlackBerry Storm2 buyers will want to take
advantage of the BOGO offer in order to sell the second BlackBerry for a
small profit. Not only will you get a brand new Storm2 but it will also
happen to be cheaper than the contract free version available in Verizon
stores. The only problem is that the Storm2 will still be locked so you
ll have to deal with that later.
The BlackBerry Storm2 is available for $179.99 after $100 mail-in rebate
and with a new contract while the contract free Storm2 costs $539.00. In
case you don t want to get a second Strom2 then you could also choose
other free devices or phones from Verizon but I think you d be better
off walking out a Verizon Wireless store with two Storm2 phones in your
pockets. What do you say?
Update: Naturally, the second device has to be activated, which means
getting a second 2-year contract from Verizon. That has been the rule
with BOGO promotions out there. I don't have to tell you that some
people do need 2 new lines but won't want to keep both Storms. And a
contract can always be canceled after a month or so after paying the
required ETF fees and you still get to keep both phones.
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