Monday, 25 January 2010

Apple TV 3.0 Software Update Pushed Out iTunes Store T&C Change, Reveal Release Date for Apple TV 3.0 is Soon

Today, Apple have made a change to their iTunes Store terms and
conditions, and somebody with a sharp eye and a lot of time on his
hands, discovered something useful after ploughing through all the legal
mumbo-jumbo — apparently Apple's TV 3.0 software update is coming
soon. A new paragraph added under the iTunes LP and iTunes extras' says
that they can only be used with computers running iTunes 9 or higher and
Apple TV with software 3.0 or higher.
If the last update for Apple TV was when the Take Two 2.0 firmware was
released at Macworld Expo in January 2008, the new Apple TV 3.0 is
expected to add Snow Leopard features such as QuickTime X and HTTP Live
Streaming protocol support.
The iTunes LP format which was released in September allows for the sale
of full-length albums and comes with support for additional content such
as photos, videos and other bonus material. The iTunes Extras service
delivers bonus materials for movies such as those found on DVDs.
There is still no word as to when Apple will release the Apple TV 3.0
software update, but we can patiently wait for it, right?
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