Monday, 25 January 2010

Wii 2 Specs Get Leaked Blu-ray, 1080p support, Worldwide Release in 2010

Don t get all too excited yet about the second generation Wii. The first
rumors regarding the Wii 2 are out but we ll be waiting for official
confirmation before getting the party started. We have already seen the
new handheld console from Nintendo get released but the new DSi LL isn t
exactly that impressive.
So what will the Wii 2 bring? In an earlier story we told you how
Nintendo s future Wii 2 will be a cheaper and more compact version of
the current model. Today we find out from Logic Sunrise that the new
console will be launched worldwide on the same day sometime in 2010. The
Wii 2 will come with Blu-ray on board which suggests support for
720p/1080p HD content. And that s about all we have right now.
Is any of this true? Considering that both Microsoft and Sony are going
to bring their motion control technologies to the Xbox 360 and the
PlayStation 3, Nintendo will try to steal the spotlight with a brand new
Wii 2. A worldwide launch event sounds plausible as Nintendo will want
to build as much buzz and sell as many Wii 2 consoles as fast as
possible. The company s latest financial reports prove that Nintendo
needs a new product. The Wii has been hit hard by Sony s PS 3 Slim and a
product refresh is definitely recommended.
Will the Wii 2 come with Blu-ray support? That would be a very important
feature which could prove to be very useful against piracy.
The720p/1080p support also confirms the fact that Netflix will make its
video streaming service available to Wii users sometime next year.
The sources did not mention anything else but I really hope the next
generation Wii will offer some other upgrades too. We re frankly tired
to see how the hottest games out there go to the Xbox or the PS3 while
Wii owners are stuck with Mario, Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Mario, we do
love you but we would like to be able to date other consoles from time
to time. You know, the ones that offer better graphics and hours of fun.
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