Saturday, 30 January 2010

NAVIGON MobileNavigator iPhone App Gains Traffic Live Functionality in US Traffic Live In App Upgrade Now Available via App Store

Having advised you last month that Traffic Live functionality was set to
come to NAVIGON s MobileNavigator iPhone App NAVIGON have now confirmed
that their MobileNavigator iPhone App can now be upgraded in the US via
an in app update to include Traffic Live real-time traffic information
– allowing for better route calculation as well as extended
destination searches.
Billed as being capable of getting you to your destination faster thanks
to Traffic Live taking real-time traffic congestion reports into
consideration when route planning, the new Traffic Live in app update,
which presently takes in coverage of the US with Canadian coverage set
to follow on soon, also allows users to find destinations even if exact
addresses are unknown.
MobileNavigator iPhone App Traffic Live Update Key Features:
Users receive immediate on-screen alerts via iconic warnings indicating
accidents, construction and other incidents that can cause congestion
along the current route.
Provides detailed information regarding the severity of the incident and
the speed of traffic flow.
Based on the real-time traffic warnings and the excellent mapping
functionality the user can determine an efficient, alternative route or
stay on the course.
The software automatically adjusts estimated time of arrival.
The NAVIGON MobileNavigator iPhone App Traffic Live in app update is set
to retail at just shy of $25 but, for the following four weeks, it s
yours via Apple s App Store for a reduced price coming in at just short
of $20 which will see you good for lifetime usage freed from any monthly
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