Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sony PS3 Slim Gets Official Release Date PS3 Slim Priced and Spec'd, Kmart Has It on Pre-order

It looks like the rumors were indeed true and Sony is actually going to
release a PS3 Slim version on the market in the coming weeks. First
there was a Kmart page that had the new PlayStation 3 Slim available on
pre-order for a $300 price and with a release date set for August 24.
Apparently the device comes with 120GB worth of storage space, a
DualShock 3 gamepad, HDMI with 1080p support and if the voices in our
head are true, Bluetooth.

Right after Kmart, Sears had their take on it, too. The same product,
the same price but a different release date that was pointing to
September 1st.

Well, it was about time for Sony to take an official stand on the matter
and today at Gamescom in Germany, the company's CEO, Kaz Hirai, gave us
the good news: it's coming in September, just that he didn't mention
which day of September. But we're not worried, we can wait a few more
days …

Although buying a new PS3 Slim may relate somehow to the Christmas rush,
we're glad Sony is getting their elfs on the job sooner than expected.

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