Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New iHome iHMP5 Headphones Announced iHMP5 With In-line Amplifier to Double as Speakers

iHome have just released a bold new set of ear headphones dubbed iHome
iHMP5, and, unlike the old models, there is a wave of novelty that
surrounds this offering. The iHMP5 headphones feature an in-line
amplifier so that they can be simultaneously used as a handy pair of
speakers if you don't feel like wearing them over the ears.

Other than that, the iHome iHMP5 headphones come with a battery-powered
louder amplifier that will help save power when solely used in speaker
mode, while still providing quality sound when operating in private mode.

There are 2-inch drivers to deliver the sound, there is an extra volume
clip to assure a bit more sound control and there's a not-so-surprising
3.5mm headphone jack that makes sure you can be connected with ease to
all modern music appliances.
The iHome iHMP5 headphones looks sleek in red, blue and silver, and
shouldn't cost more than $70.

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