Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New Wii Steering Wheel II Announced Wii Accessories for the Car Racer in You

Wii accessories are getting more popular by the day, hence why the avid
racer that would like to unleash the pilot inside, should know that the
new Wii steering wheel II have just been announced and is already in
stores, as you read. If you haven't heard by now, the Wii steering wheel
comes with a circular design that hides a Wii controller into the
middle, for a very realistic driving experience. But what makes it so
much different from the old version and why the need for an upgrade?

Created by the folks over at Brando, other than looking just about the
same as the first add-on, apparently the Wii Steering Wheel II works and
offers full compatibility with the new Wiimote + Motion Plus. It doesn't
require any batteries, but in order to experience real and exciting
driving you'll have to spare some $10.

Although not a fortune, we're not sure if it's worth paying $10 for the
new Wii Steering Wheel II. Afterall it's just a bunch of plastic …

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