Saturday, 19 September 2009

Sony ALT-SA32PC Multi-Room Music System 2-Speakers, iPod Dock Feature, S-AIR Digital Wireless Transmission

Say you want to enjoy the music of your iTunes library that just so
happens to reside on your PC, in a room other than your office. What are
your options? You could invest the time it takes to set up a network
media device. You could shell out half of your net worth (if you
actually happen to still have a positive net worth) on something like
the Bose SoundLink system. Up until now there really haven't been that
many options for wirelessly streaming your digital tunes within your
home. The folks at Sony are hoping to change that with their ALT-SA32PC
Multi-Room Music System.

The ALT-SA32PC wireless multi-room music system includes a USB S-AIR
enabled Digital Wireless PC transmitter that makes it easy to free the
music stored on your computer and enjoy your favorite songs in another
room of your home. Unique music management software taps into your
existing playlists in iTunes and Windows Media Player, and even lets you
create new channels of your favorite songs.

The Sony ALT-SA32PC Multi-room Music System for PC can be paired with up
to 8 additional S-AIR enabled premium and/or socket speakers (two
premium speakers included, additional sold separately) that allow you to
transmit high quality audio from your PC to multiple rooms in your home.

Included in the package are two 16W (8W x 2) one-piece speakers that
connect to a USB S-AIR dongle, which handles the wireless transmission.
The two remote speakers measure 9.8 x 4.8 x 5-in and actually don't look
half bad. They come with a remote, touch-sensitive buttons for
navigation and built-in 1-line LCD for displaying ID3 tags.

The USB S-AIR streams at 16-bit 48kHz Linear PCM and operates at 2.4Ghz,
putting it in the path of most household appliances and Wi-Fi. This just
might prove troublesome when it comes to interference. You can pre-order
your own ALT-SA32PC Multi-room Music System for $499.99 at

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