Saturday, 19 September 2009

Remote Temperature Sensing Space Heater LCD Touchscreen, Wireless Thermostat, Remote Control

With energy costs high enough to give you a coronary every time you get
the electric bill, it's no wonder that manufacturers are trying to take
advantage. It's definitely a lot cheaper to heat only the room you are
using rather than trying to heat the entire house, right? So why not
have a portable heating system that you can take with you. That's
exactly what the inventor of the Remote Temperature Sensing Space Heater
(insert much-needed clever name here) thought, too.

According to the people at Hammacher-Schlemmer this is the only space
heater that monitors the ambient temperature from the remote control,
ensuring your preferred air temperature is maintained wherever you are
located. When the temperature falls below or rises above the preset
level, the remote control automatically sends a signal to the heater (up
to 30-ft away) to increase or decrease the wattage and fan speed.

Deeply pitched fan blades and a specially-designed air duct create a
vortex of warm air that circulates throughout a 256-sq ft (24-sq m)
room, heating the air evenly from the floor to the ceiling and
eliminating hot and cold spots. The heater uses only the necessary
energy (between 750 and 1,500 watts) to achieve the preferred
temperature, ensuring optimal efficiency.

The unit features a remote control that also allows you to adjust heat
output or set the timer with the touch of a button, and all functions
can be changed using the heater's LCD touchscreen. The Remote requires
two AA batteries and the heater plugs into an AC outlet. Overall the
space heater measures 13×12.25x 10.25-in (33×31.1×26-cm)
and weighs 7.5-lbs (3.4-kg). You can get your own for $199.99 at

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