Saturday, 19 September 2009

Samsung N3U Series Spinpoint HDD With USB On-board Shockproof 1.8-inch Spinpoint N3U External Hard Drives

In a snazzy bit of marketing, Samsung have just introduced their 250GB
SpinPoint N3U hard drives by comparing them with a credit card. Only
1.8-inch wide, the N3U external HDDs comes with a dual-platter design (2
x 125 GB platters that is), run at 3,600rpm, boast 8MB of cache, are
tough enough to withstand drops from around 20-inches and to withstand
a maximum shock of up to 1500G.

But other than being able to put so much storage space on such a small
device, the new Samsung N3U HDD manages to impress by bypassing the
bridge circuit board with a native PATA to USB controller. That means
that the new drive can eliminate possible points of failure that happen
due to loose cable connections. More to it, the green-minded will
appreciate the fact that the 1.8-inch drives consume 40-percent less
energy than a standard 2.5-inch.

Samsung said that their Spinpoint N3U drives will be available from
mid-July and has a $200 price tag attached.

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