Saturday, 19 September 2009

12V Cooling Car Summer Seat Cigarette Lighter/AC Adapter Powered, Adjustable Straps, Adjustable Cooling Levels

We've all been there. You get out of work during the hot summer months
and you head to your car to start your long commute home. As soon as you
open the door you're greeted by what seems to be Satan's minions
themselves. Ten thousand degree wafts of blistering air slam into your
face and you steel yourself against what's next. You sit down on the
vinyl seat to be greeted by what you can only describe as molten rubber
on the most sensitive of sensitive areas. Not a pleasant feeling. Your
car has a seat warmer for those chilly days but who dropped the ball
when it comes to keeping it cool? No worries. The 12V Cooling Car Summer
Seat is here to help.

At last there's a solution for those embarrassing back of the thigh
blisters so common during the summer months. The new 12V Cooling Car
Summer Seat was created to help you keep your cool when things in your
car tend to be at their warmest. Just slip the 12-Volt Cooling Car
Summer Seat over your seat back, and then buckle and tighten it around
the seat securely. Plug the 12-volt car plug into your car's cigarette
lighter socket, and the cushion will start to cool down immediately. No
more back sweat before you head into that big meeting.

Adjust the fan speed for cooler air. You'll also appreciate the seat's
breathable fabric, which is much more comfortable on hot days than your
car's leather seats. You won't forget to turn off the seat's fan, even
if you step away from your desk at work or if you accidentally leave it
on at home. The 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat shuts off automatically
after an hour of use. You get everything you need to get started
including the car adapter, cooling seat, and instructions. Head on over
to and pick one up for $59.99.

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