Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ricoh CX2 Digital Camera 10.29 MP, 10.7X Optical Zoom, ISO Range 80-1600, 88MB Internal Memory

Ricoh is known for churning out pretty decent digital cameras and their
latest point-and-shoot model, the Ricoh CX2, is certainly no different.
The Ricoh CX2 features a new high magnification 10.7X optical wide-angle
zoom lens, new scene modes and a range of enhanced features. While it
may not live up to the standards of those photogs looking for something
along the lines of the higher-end SLRs, it will give the newbies and
amateurs something more on which to spend their money.

The CX2's 10.7X (28-300mm equivalent) optical wide-angle zoom lens
offers the longest range of any Ricoh camera to date. It employs Ricoh's
original double retracting lens system, which fits neatly inside the
camera's slim 29.4-mm body. It should be more than suitable for both
telephoto shots as well as wide-angle shooting of expansive landscapes
and close-up scenes. The CX2 also sports a new user-friendly auto focus
(AF) function that automatically responds to subject movement. There are
also several new scene modes including 'high contrast black white' and
'miniaturize', although, not having actually seen one, I couldn't tell
you what those are.

The CX2 inherits the high-speed CMOS sensor of its predecessor, the CX1
introduced in March 2009. Making the trend to increase pixel count
redundant, the 9MP CMOS sensor delivers better image quality and faster
operational speeds than previously possible with a traditional CCD
sensor. The fast processor allows the CX2 to shoot at speeds of up to
five frames per second and it also enables the CX2 to offer
technologically advanced functions such as dynamic range double shot and
multi-pattern auto white balance.

Available from leading electronics retailers and camera specialists from
mid-September, the Ricoh CX2 features an inlay handgrip and is available
in black, silver and two-tone pink/grey. No word yet on pricing.

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