Monday, 21 September 2009

Acer to Launch Android and XP Dual-boot Netbook in August Dual-OS Acer Netbook Gets Release Date

Google has managed to take the tech world by a storm with their latest
Android and Chrome operating systems - if the first was already renowned
for being used in the newest mobile phones to hit the market, Chrome is
expected to take on Microsoft's Windows in the future. Just like
everyone else joining the bandwagon, Acer is rumored to be working on
the world's first Android-based netbook which should see daylight as
soon as August.

The most interesting thing though is that it's actually a dual-boot
netbook that Acer will bundle with both Android and Windows XP —
yes you'll get a taste of Google's Android and if you don't like it you
can always have Windows XP doing the trick for you.

Some would say that a mobile phone OS like Android wouldn't be suited on
a netbook, but given Google's popularity it's probably going to be a
much craved for gadget. And if we let our mind fabulate, what if Acer's
dual-OS netbook supports phone calls, does SMS or MMS? That'd be
something we'd fall for …

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