Saturday, 19 September 2009

URWERK UR-CC1 King Cobra Watch Amazing Speedometer-Inspired Design Will Have you Drooling

Watches are definitely a fashion statement. Just like you can tell a lot
about a person by the shoes they wear, a watch can certainly be an
indicator of cool as well. When I laid eyes upon the latest creation of
hyper-chic watchmakers, URWERK, I was floored. The URWERK UR-CCI, or
King Cobra as it's known in the timepiece trade, is every bit the head
turner. It was supposedly inspired by some kind of 1960s speedometer and
it is the perfect combination of technology and testosterone laden
design elements.

URWERK are known for their cutting-edge and in your face designs. They
won't shy away from a challenge and if bucking trends were a hobby
they'd certainly be the fan club presidents. The UR-CC1 is certainly
playing to their strengths. The UR-CC1 makes use of two horizontal
indicators displayed by two retrograde cylinders: one for the hour, the
other for the minutes. And like you had any question about the
complexity of its inner-workings…the UR-CC1 is the result of more
than three years of research, development, production and testing. Most
of the time was spent making sure that the rotation and instant fly-back
of the large hour and minute cylinders was achieved without screwing
with the watch's accuracy.
For those of you that speak watch - a vertical triple-cam operating a
rack (visible through a window in the side of the case) rotates the
minute cylinder. From zero to 60 minutes, the minute cylinder rotates
through 300-degrees. Upon arriving at the 60-minute mark the cylinder
instantly (1/10th of a second) reverses back to its original position
thanks to an extra-flat linear spring. The retrograde movement of the
minute cylinder triggers the hour cylinder to advance (jump) one
complete hour. The triple-cam is crafted from bronze beryllium, a metal
selected for its inherently self-lubricating properties and low
co-efficient of friction, and takes the form of three small inclines.
Now doesn't all that watch talk just have you ready to run to the store
to pick one up? Just by looking at this thing I'm pretty sure that only
sultans and Hollywood celebrities can afford the UR-CC1 so I won't
bother going into details about how I don't have any information on how
much it costs. If you want more you can visit Oh yeah,
and if you can afford one, can I be your friend?

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