Wednesday, 9 September 2009

iView's iiView A2 Netbook Shipping For Under $500 Looks and Feels Like a MacBook Air

I personally love the whole thing behind Apple's MacBook Air but I'd be
damned if I'd pay the prices they ask for such a notebook in Europe. So
if you're anything like me in here you'll have to check out iView's
iiView A2 Netbook which not only looks and feels like an Air, but also
sells for a few times less, just under $500.

The new iiView A2 netbook runs Windows 7 RC1 (there's a Vista license to
upgrade free), has a 12.1-inch screen with 1200 x 800, is powered by an
Intel Atom processor and has a 320 GB hard drive and 2 GB ofRAM. There
are also two USB ports, mini-HDMI port, two-in-one headphone jack and a
six-cell battery to power the show.

It may not be as powerful as the MacBook Air but given its $467.78 price
tag and the sleek design it comes with, the new iiView A2 sure knows how
to cause some serious head turns. Release date is set for next week in

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