Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar Digitally Record Voice Memos to Remind You of Daily Tasks

Everyone is busy and it seems like there are never enough hours in the
day to get things done. And if the challenge of actually completing your
tasks wasn't enough we have to actually remember when everything needs
to get done. If the old fashioned way of writing your appointments and
recurring events on a calendar is getting in the way of your
electronics-laden lifestyle, the folks at SkyMall have just the thing
with their Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar and Message Center.

The Jenda Voice Calendar is essentially a digital version of your wall
calendar. With this nifty little gadget every member of the family can
now record their appointments in one central location. To enter an
appointment, you press the month, day, and record buttons and it's
stored on the internal memory of the Jenda for future reference.
Recurring events, like birthdays and doctor's appointments need only be
recorded once and the integrated to-do list function let's you record
things like grocery lists or other non-date-specific items. The flashing
'today' button alerts the whole family each morning about the day's

The Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar and Message Center can be mounted on
the refrigerator door with heavy magnets provided or you can hang it on
the wall like a traditional calendar. You can record in English or
Spanish. It uses 3 AAA Alkaline batteries and a voice prompt informs you
when the batteries need replaced. You can get your hands on your own
Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar for $39.95 at

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