Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Trinvo Talking Translator Pocket Translator with 12 Languages, 750 Phrases, and iPod Looks

The world is certainly becoming a much smaller place. Communication is
an almost instantaneous event and technology has nearly broken the
multicultural barriers that once separated the world. There is one
thing, however, that still stands in the way of true international
conglomeration, the language barrier. Who hasn't had trouble when
they've attempted to get a cab in New York or purchase a pack of smokes
in Sri Lanka. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have your own personal
translator in your pocket? Well, look no further. The Trinvo talking
Translator is here to help.

The Trinvo - Talking Translator serves as a handy pronunciation tool for
international travelers and tourists. It allows the user to
cross-translate up to 12 international languages, spoken in a human
voice in the native language. Each language stores over 750 commonly
used travel-related sentences, as well as a dictionary of more than
2,500 words and popular sightseeing info. Now wouldn't this come in
handy on the Amazing Race.

Cross-translates 12 international languages: Spanish, Russian,
German, Dutch, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese,
Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin) and English
Speaks in a human voice in the native language
Over 750 commonly used travel-related sentences per language
8 categories for fast search of desired sentences
Dictionary of more than 2,500 words for each language
Famous sight-seeing spots for each language-speaking country
Save and Recall function for most commonly used sentences
Rotary dial wheel for speedy navigation and ease of use
Displays home time and world time
Earphone jack (3.5-mm) for private listening and learning
Adjustable screen contrast
Volume level selection switch
Key tone on / off function
Keys and buttons made from comfortable silicone
Auto power off
LCD with LED backlight timer
Hangman and Quiz games
Currency and metric converter
Colors may vary

Dimensions: Height: 10.0×10.0×5.0-cm (3.9×3.9×2-in)
Weight: 300-g
The Trinvo Talking Translator is more like a conversational dictionary
that looks like an iPod. It doesn't really perform real-time translation
but from the looks of things it just might help keep you out of a
Turkish prison. And this is certainly a good thing. You can pick up your
own Trinvo for 34.99GBP (about $58) at

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