Friday, 11 September 2009

Dell Announces ST2310, E2010H, E2210H Budget LCDs 20-in, 22-in, 23-in, 1080p, Rounded Design

The cost of LCD displays is really heading into the basement. The latest
product introductions by Dell, three new LCDs targeted at the
budget-conscious (and who isn't) market, are a direct reflection of how
this once high-end product segment has become a commodity. While Dell
isn't making much noise around their latest display launch, you can bet
they are hoping to use their consumer-friendly price tags to convert
those last remaining CRT holdouts.

Dell announced today that they would put out three new entry-level
desktop LCDs two of which are already confirmed to be heading to the US
in relatively short order. The top tier offering of the trio, the ST2310
appears to be meant for the home user. It sports Dell's newer, rounded
display design, a 23-inch 1080p panel and HDMI, DVI and VGA
connectivity. The ST2310 features a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that
should help to boost its pretty average image quality.

The second US model, the 20-inch E2010H, is clearly built with its eye
on economy. It adopts a 1600×900 resolution with a static 1,000:1
contrast ratio and drops the HDMI connection in favor of DVI or VGA. A
close relative to the E2010H, the 22-inch E2210H, is available in
Singapore and boosts the resolution to 1080p without changing the
feature set. It's not known if the E2210H will reach the US.

The ST2310 23-in LCD has an MSRP of $229. US consumers can purchase the
E2010H for $139, while the E2210H in Singapore sells for the equivalent
of $180.

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