Friday, 11 September 2009

Buffalo MicroSD Card Reader with 16GB Card Super-Tiny Storage Device So Small You'll Probably Lose It

MicroSD cards are already small so why would anyone want to make a
MicroSD card reader that's practically indistinguishable from the caps
used to protect the ends of standard USB flash drives? Maybe this isn't
a question that needs to be asked in the world of electronics. If you
can make it smaller, why not do it. The latest MicroSD card reader from
Buffalo is a testament to making storage devices so small that you will
probably lose it before you can use it.

Did I mention that this thing is small? The MicroSD card reader from
Buffalo not only acts as a fully functioning MicroSD card reader, but it
also comes with a 16MB MicroSD card to get you started. From the images
it's pretty apparent that they've crammed all of the essential
electronics into the USB end of the device because there simply isn't
anywhere else to put it. To use the thing you just stick the MicroSD
card right into the slot on the end. It is USB 2.0/1.1 compatible and
comes in both black and white. You think they would have chosen some
brighter colors for something so small. Maybe orange or yellow?

Anyway, if you are into miniature storage devices the size of a small
insect the Buffalo MicroSD Card Reader with 16GB card is your thing.
According to the website, you can use MicroSD cards up to 2GB and
MicroSDHC Class 2/4/6 cards up to 16GB. You can get your own for a mere
15,500 Yen (about $160) at They are expected to
start shipping sometime at the end of August.

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