Monday, 21 September 2009

BLAZE 3-in-1 Game Selector for Nintendo DS Quickly Switch Between Games on Your DS Lite

Carrying around all of those little game cartridges for your DS Lite can
get to be a real pain, especially since they are so damn easy to lose.
The BLAZE 3-in-1 Game Selector by Blazepro was created to help you keep
track of your favorite games plus it gives you the flexibility to select
between up to three different games without having to close the game
unit and insert another cartridge.

NDS Lite Game Selector is touted as the world's first DS Lite game
selector. Once you have attached this little gizmo to the back of your
DS you can select from three different games by simply flipping a
switch. From the looks of things, you don't even have to power down. Now
this is one convenient little feature that'll have you back up to gaming
speed in no time. It also seems pretty easy to use. The BLAZE Game
Selector clips onto the back of the DS Lite and plugs into the game card
slot with the attached adapter. There are little green LEDs that let you
know which game you are currently playing (because the game screen isn't
obvious enough).
While the BLAZE Game Selector does add some heft to your handheld, it
certainly makes up for it in ease of use and convenience. You can carry
three games along with you when you're traveling and the ability to
change at the touch of a button will save you from having to constantly
power down and reset every time you want to change games. You can
purchase the BLAZE at for around $13.

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