Monday, 21 September 2009

Chinavision Solar-Powered LED Flashlight Rechargeable Li-Ion Flashlight with Integrated Solar Panel

Solar power and solar powered devices certainly seem like they are here
to stay. With the cost of materials coming down and the acceptance of
solar power as a viable energy source on the rise, it's no surprise that
gadget makers are rushing to capture their share of the green (so to
speak). The latest entrant into the ever-evolving - and pretty crowded -
arena of sun-charged devices is an LED flashlight that is sure to have
the camping crowd taking notice.

The Solar-Powered LED Flashlight from Chinavasion sports 10 super-bright
LED lights and comes packaged in a weatherproof aluminum casing. The
website states that you shouldn't submerge it underwater. Sorry midnight
snorkelers. The integrated solar panel is built into the handle of the
unit and is connected directly to a rechargeable Li-ion battery source.
Known for their superior lifetimes, Li-ion batteries are becoming more
and more commonplace in the rechargeable device market. This particular
gadget is said to have 50,000 hours of battery lifetime. That equates to
5.7 years for the layman.
It's my understanding that you have to expose the flashlight to direct
sunlight in order for it to charge. I don't have any information as to
exactly how long you have to do this, but if it's built using typical
solar cell technology it should take a few hours to do the job. I also
don't have any information as to how long the unit will retain a charge.
This new solar-powered LED flashlight is available for sale right now at The interesting thing is that you have to buy two
or more at a cost of $9.79/each. Oh well, maybe you can give the other
one to a friend.

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