Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mirage PMP With Built-in Projector Throws an Impressive 80-inch Picture on the Walls

It looks like more and more digital cameras have started surfacing with
projectors, so why can't a portable media player feature the same specs.
Joining the slowly growing trend of putting a projector in everything
that you can pocket, check out Yinlips' latest Mirage PMP — which
when ready, will be capable of throwing 80-inch pictures on any
wall/surface you like.

Small and delicate, the Mirage MP4 media player sports a 3.5-inch
display, features high-definition video playback, has 64-bit games
support (sounds interesting, to say the least) and allows you to connect
it to a DVD player.

There's not much more than that, but what's evident is that the Mirage
PMP is trying to take on gadgets like the Nikon S1000pj camera and the
Sunview PMP (the first media player with a projector).

If the Nikon S1000pj projects a 40-inch image, the Sunview PMP is
capable of 53-inch projections, while the 80-inch the Mirage offers tops
them all. It'd be interesting to know how expensive it will be when
released on the market, as it sounds like an appealing piece of gadgetry.

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