Monday, 21 September 2009

Apple's 9.7-inch Touchscreen Netbook to Debut in October Apple's Tablet to be Priced at $800, Released in October

After about four months of silence, Apple's netbook has made it back to
the rumour mill. This time, China Times claims that the 9.7-inch
touchscreen netbook we've heard so many times of, is slated - like
Andrew mentioned back in March - for an October release date just in
time for the holidays season, which if it's true, will definitely
skyrocket the company's revenues for the last quarter.

If up until now Quanta Computer was supposed to be in charge with
assembling, it looks like the actual Apple netbook will have Foxconn as
the main manufacturer, with Wintek providing touch screens and DynaPack
other relevant technologies — all three receiving direct orders
from Apple.

But since the new Apple tablet keeps away from the standard netbook
design we know and considering the fact that it's going to include a
touchscreen display, Apple's high end device is definitely not in the
same price range, either — it's expected to rope in at $800, hence
why the company will not compete with ASUS and Acer directly.

Althought all three manufacturers have officially denied any comments on
the story, several Foxconn employes gave positive information regarding
a new Apple netbook. Take it with a pinch of salt though … we'll
keep you updated!

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