Saturday, 19 September 2009

BlackBerry Onyx With an Optical Trackpad Spotted BlackBerry 9020 Available Soon on AT&T?

BlackBerry is either getting better at marketing or worse at keeping
things secure from the public's eye before a product gets announced.
Either way we're happy to learn that a new BlackBerry Onyx (also known
as BlackBerry 9020) is probably going to pop sometime soon and that the
smartphone is going to boast an optical trackpad instead of the
trackball - just like the white T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8520 (Gemini)
we told you about yesterday.

Given the fact that there are no moving parts, your fingers won't clog
while browsing, and that warranty costs would reduce by using the
optical trackpad, and considering the fact that the new BlackBerry Onyx
got snapped along with BlackBerry Gemini - both withouth the trackball,
it's only fair to consider that the company is ditching the trackball on
future smartphones.

Expected to be available on AT T and probably T-Mobile, it's goin to
land soon as BlackBerry 9020.

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