Sunday, 14 April 2013

Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundles Coming Soon

What is your favorite gaming console right now? I am asking you this
because I honestly can t answer to that question. I like motion
controlled gaming, cool graphics support and I d like my console to look
good right next to my big screen TV. In other words I love both the Wii
and the Xbox 360 for what they offer but I also wouldn t mind them to
look more like a PlayStation 3 Slim. Oh and did I happen to mention the
fact that it should definitely be very affordable?
So let s quickly recap what s currently happening in the gaming
industry: Sony has launched a brand new 120GB PlayStation 3, the Slim,
and it s getting ready to offer us the 250GB version soon; Nintendo has
cut $50 from Wii s price which now costs $199 and Microsoft is thinking
about new ways to sell its Xbox 360 versions as cheap as possible. It
would look like Wii still has the edge over its main competitors but I m
sure that will change when both Sony and Microsoft will offer their own
motion controlled games to the crowds next year.

What console should you buy right now? Well we have found just the
bundles for you. Inside the package in the picture you will find the
Xbox 360 elite console and two free games: Lego Batman: The Videogame
and Pure. The Elite Holiday Bundle, as it will be called, will be
available in Canada and the USA soon and it will cost you $299.

In case you already own an Xbox 360 then you might be interested in the
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Game Pack which is coming in November. The
package contains a free wireless controller and four games: Geometry
Wars: Retro Evolved 2, Lumines Live!, Bomberman Live! and a downloadable
token for Ms Pac-Man. All that is available for $59.99 which is a pretty
good price.

I know what you re going to ask now! Is it worth buying an Xbox 360
Right now or should I wait for project Natal? According to Redmond
Microsoft s motion gaming setup will work perfectly with existing Xboxes
out there so you should have no problem running motion controlled games
on your current 360 sometime next year.
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