Sunday, 14 April 2013

Google to Help Minimize Plug-in Charging Load

Because there aren't enough charging stations to give your electric
vehicle juice for a few more miles, or maybe because it takes a long
time to charge, it's only natural that people are not yet appealed to
hop on the green bandwagon and buy themselves a four wheeler that runs
on batteries. With that in mind and because they believe in a cleaner
future, Google is reportedly working on a way to make electric vehicles
charge more efficiently.

Although the whole concept is nothing we haven't heard before, Google
thinks there's more light at the end of the tunnel. The company are now
looking at coming up with a mainstream software solution that would
fully integrate the plug-in hybrid vehicles to the power grid in a way
that would help minimize the charging load.

We have begun some work on smart charging of electric vehicles and how
you would integrate large number of electric vehicles into the grid
successfully, said Dan Reicher, Google's director of Climate Change and
Energy Initiatives.

And since the web giant is eying a future with millions of electric
vehicles on the roads, one of the idea they came up with, was that the
parked plug-ins would transfer their energy back to the electric grid to
help it during peak hours.
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