Saturday, 13 April 2013

What You Don Know About Apple' s Tablet

We ve just seen one of HP s upcoming laptops, the Pavilion dv3, which
will be one of the lucky few laptops capable of offering a touchscreen
display with Windows 7 running in the background. It s only to take a
look at the competition s future plans. Apple tablet is a certainty
right now but we have so little information about it. The ultraportable
tablet should arrive on January 19, 2010 according to the latest rumors
so let s see what we know about it so far!
It would seem that Apple has not one but three distinct prototypes of
the future tablet. They vary in size from the 7-inch version, which is
the smallest version to the largest version which apparently measures
10.7-inch. In between there must be a 9-inch version which got mentioned
at least a couple of times in the past. The last rumored version is the
10.7-inch one. The bigger the screen, the more space to maneuver, right?
The display will feature a resolution up to 720p which is about 5-6
times the resolution currently available in the iPhone or iPod touch
while the touchable surface is about 7 times larger than the iPhone s.

The tablet will apparently run iPhone OS although people speculated that
Apple will install Mac OS X on it. Sure the iPhone OS version made for
the tablet will probably be offering us a lot more features than we can
currently find on the iPhone. And speaking of Apple s phone we should
mention that the table will probably look a lot like the iPhone.

Apple wants to release two versions of the tablet, one will offer 3G
connectivity while the other one will lack such capabilities. Of course
you d be probably better off getting the one with 3G enabled just so you
can keep browsing the Internet even when there s no active Wi-Fi
connectivity around.

Apple s tablet will definitely be a hit product among Apple fans and not
only. It s a viable alternative to most netbooks out there although it
wasn t designed to compete against them. All that we need at this point
is some official confirmation. Word on the street is that Steve Jobs has
to give his final blessing before the tablet becomes a certainty. And in
case it does become real, expect to see it sometime in store only in May
or June 2010. You didn t think you can snatch one on January 19, did you?

Image Credit | Gizmodo
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