Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sony DPP-F700 Photo Frame with Built-in Photo Printer

In an age where digital photo frames are increasingly offering expanded
capabilities way outside their original remit such as net access and PMP
capabilities Sony have recently unveiled a digital frame, known as the
Sony DPP-F700, that won t just serve to showcase your digital imagery
(oh no, that s just so yesterday) but, thanks to an integrated
Dye-Sublimation printer, will allow you to gain color hardcopies to
keep, savour or just pass on to others- ย to perhaps press home that,
yes, your holiday way outclassed theirs or your kid is cuter than theirs
or, just perhaps to prove you re your digiframe is well, you get the
Aside from its integrated printer, which produces 4 � x 6 � 300 x 300dpi
color prints – that, thanks to the use TruFast technology are
smudge, fingerprint and, apparently, water resistant – the Sony
DPP-F700 digital photo frame comes with a 7 � 16:10 aspect ratio 800 x
480 (WVGA) resolution TFT display complete with a host of 21 differing
templates for time/date display and auto orientation whilst, in terms of
storage capacity there s a pretty healthy 1GB onboard which should see
you good for storing around 2,000 images (which should see the holiday
snaps pretty much covered with room for a few of Tiddles the Wondercat
thrown in for good measure). Of course if you find yourself pressed for
space the integrated memory card reader allows for additional �bolt-on
capacity should you need it with Memory Stick Duo/PRO/PRO Duo, SD
ย cards all being catered for (amongst others) with an optional adapter
serving to allow the use of yet more formats covering just about every
one going.
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