Saturday, 13 April 2013

Vodafone iPhone Availability/Release Confirmed

Only yesterday we offered UK readers a heads up concerning Orange
confirming that they are set to offer the iPhone 3GS to their customers
before the end of the year (see: Orange iPhone 3GS Availability/Release
Confirmed O2 iPhone UK Exclusivity to Cease Before End of '09 ) and
now, less than 24 hours later, Vodafone have now waded in stating that
they are also set to offer the iPhone in both the UK and Ireland thanks
to a deal only signed last night.
Specific details at this juncture are in exceedingly short supply with
Vodafone merely stating that they ll carry the iPhone (both the 3G and
3GS variants) from early 2010 " which is interesting as, if reports are
to be believed, would give Orange the jump as they are purportedly set
to carry the iPhone 3GS (no mention of the standard 3G model) before the
end of the year.

It s hardly surprising that Vodafone have got in on the action as the
company s chief executive, Vittorio Colao, is on record as stating that
he believes they have lost around 159,000 in the last quarter alone due
to not offering the iPhone (and that s got to hurt).

As far as you, the consumer, is concerned the news that Vodafone are to
join Orange in carrying the iPhone (along with O2, of course) can only
be good news as industry insiders are already talking up the all too
inevitable price war that s sure to follow as three carriers try to
tease you into signing with them as opposed to the competition. Indeed,
speculation concerning the impacts of any price war is already mounting
with one analyst, namely Steven Hartley from the technology research
house Ovum, feeling confident enough to openly state that he sees
contract tariffs falling by as much as pound sterling4-pound sterling5
per month (source: Telegraph as linked below).

It no over yet, however, as we still await news concerning whether
Virgin Mobile are able to secure the iPhone as well.

Needless to say if you re UK/Ireland based and you re looking to get a
little iPhone action now is very obviously not the time to part with
cash as a little patience will doubtless be rewarded once the
aforementioned networks strive to outdo each other in order to get you
signing on their respective dotted lines.

Hold tight. This is going to get very interesting and, needless to say,
we ll endeavour to keep you well and truly in the loop once the above
mentioned networks start showing their cards.
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