Saturday, 13 April 2013

Philips SA075 Portable Media Player With HD Video

Philips have just gotten us a new toy to play with. Dubbed Philips
SA075, it's a new portable media player that joins the HD-capable crowd
there is out there. Although not much is known so far about this little
fellow, rumors have it that the SA075 features a relatively large
touchscreen display that boasts a 800×600 pixels resolution and 24
bit 16-million-colors.

Another great feature of the new PMP is the HDMI port that helps
streaming high definition videos directly to your HDTV or HD monitor,
whenever you want. And speaking of HD video playback, it's not sure if
the Philips SA075 will do it in 720p or full 1080p quality, but we can
at least dream of the latter.

All these sound like pretty interesting features that manage to get you
into buying mood, but the sad thing, there's no word concerning either
availability or at least a price tag to get an idea. But don't you
worry, we'll keep an eye on the new Philips Sa075 and soon as we have
more specs coming, we'll update you.

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