Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Vivitek H5080 DLP Home Theater HD Projector

Dare I? Can it be done? Should it be done? Two home theater projector
posts in the same day by the same writer…I hope I don't open some
kind of interdimensional rift and suck through a horrible Earth-eating
demon by taking such a risk. Oh, the hell with it. For our readers, I
think it's worth it. Besides, I think that this whole CEDIA thing going
on in Atlanta has all of the manufacturers a bit out of their minds with
new products. Joining the projector party is Vivitek Corp, known for
their eco-conscious spin on visual displays and presentation products,
has announced the release of their latest high-definition, DLP home
theater projector, the H5080.
The Vivitek H5080 home theater projector is being touted as a
professional-grade projector built for the consumer enthusiast.
According to Vivitek, the H5080 provides native 1080p resolution, 1200
lumens of brightness and a 25,000:1 contrast ratio. It also incorporates
Pixelworks' DNX Motion Engine technology that is supposed to create
smoother pictures by eliminating blur in fast-moving scenes. The
projector design has the lens in a central position, as well as manual
vertical/horizontal lens shift for easier alignment with a screen.
Some of the other features of note found in the new H5080 include an
interchangeable lens option so you can choose between short- and
long-throw, a pretty typical 3000-hrs of lamp life, and a nice quiet
27dB fan. The connectivity options include three HDMI v1.3, VGA,
Component, S-Video, composite connections.
The new Vivitek H5080 DLP home theater projector is expected to be
available sometime in October with a retail price of $2,999. If you've
got the need and plenty of extra money, you can pick up separate short-
(1.33-1.79:1) and long-throw (2.22-4.43:1) lenses which retail for
$2,999 and $2,499 respectively.
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