Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hercules MP3e2 DJ Controller

There you are, standing lord over throngs of gyrating partygoers
enveloped in thumping turbo beats and splashed in velvety lights. Your
hands feverishly move between turntables with the grace of a surgeon as
you skillfully combine track after track, effortlessly manipulating the
volume and speed of each song to create a blissfully concentric mash of
melody and verse. OK, so at least that's how it's in your head. If you
want to get your own taste of the DJ life, the purveyors of pump at
Hercules have just the thing with their newly released Hercules DJ
Control MP3e2.
According to the folks at Hercules, this new DJ controller is designed
for teens and adults who want to experience the feeling of being a Pro
DJ, or anyone enthralled with the world of DJing, digital music and the
latest remixes. With the MP3e2 you can create your own mixes in a
heartbeat and be well on your way to your own rave. The unit features
two decks on which to mix the music tracks and since it's nice and
dainty you can take it just about anywhere.
The DJ Control MP3e2 controller is specifically designed to facilitate
the mixing of MP3′s. It's not exactly what I would call a
self-contained DJ system since you do need a computer equipped with a
sound card, amplified speakers, and, of course, the MP3s. Overall, the
MP3e2 offers a nice selection of functions including two mixing decks,
two jog wheels, one cross fader and two volume faders for mixing two
music tracks together. You also get track speed controls for changing
the pitch or tempo of your tracks. You can manipulate with reckless
abandon using the integrated equalizer controls, add automatic loops,
multiple effects and even your own signature sounds.
Hercules Portable DJ Controller MP3e2 is both Mac and PC compatible and
works with most digital music formats including CCD, MP3, WAV, WMA, and
AAC. It is expected to become available sometime in October 2009 at
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