Monday, 15 April 2013

Virgin Mobile LG Rumor 2 Release & Pricing Official

It s now official – though, arguably, it s not all that much to
get especially excited about "as Virgin Mobile USA have now released
the LG Rumor 2 budget QWERTY slider phone with the texting friendly
�socially connected handset now being up for grabs via its online portal.
The LG Rumor 2 is seemingly aimed at what we d assume to be the
teen/youth market in being especially suited to texting, on account of
its slider style QWERTY keyboard, but, in the main, offering nothing by
way of features away from what you d expect from a budget handset all in
a bid to maintain rock bottom pricing so those interested in the Rumor
2, and who are as yet unacquainted with what it brings to the table,
should reel in their expectations accordingly.
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