Monday, 15 April 2013

Toshiba/Super Talent UltraDrive DS SSD Series Unveiled

Following on from out heads up yesterday concerning the newly unveiled
Active Media Aviator 312 SuperSpeed SSDs today Super Talent have
announced their new Toshiba co-branded UltraDrive DS SSD series which
boast a number of security enhancements to ensure your data remains
The new Toshiba/Super Talent UltraDrive DS SSD range, which will come in
64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities, comes with both password
protected encryption and what Super Talent term as �data randomization
technology which, according to their press release, �happens
automatically with every write to the drive to prevent unauthorized
copying of blocks of data " which serves to actually give us pretty
much no insight whatsoever as to what their data randomization
technology actually does. Still, if you re looking to protect your SSD
from prying eyes, its nice to know its there and, as a side bonus, even
when both encryption and data randomization are enacted Super Talent
maintains that there ll be no impact on overall drive performance.

Aside from offering security enhancements the new Toshiba/Super Talent
UltraDrive DS SSD range also come with what s billed as sophisticated
ECC and wear leveling algorithms for superior reliability and extended
endurance " though, interestingly (and oddly, considering) Super Talent
don t actually offer up a MTBF figure.

Offering sequential read speeds of up to 230 MB/sec and sequential write
speeds of up to 180 MB/sec, the new Toshiba/Super Talent UltraDrive DS
solid state drives, which come in the form of the 64GB FTM64DX25H, 128GB
FTM128DX25H, 256GB FTM256DX25H and the 512GB FTM512DX25H are set to
begin shipping as of this week and, in terms of pricing, will set you
back around $219, $439, $719 and $1649 respectively.
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