Wednesday, 3 April 2013

ViewSonic VOT120 PC Mini Nettop PC

ViewSonic, better known for their killer line of computer display
solutions than computers, has announced today that they're launching a
new addition to their line of PCs, the ViewSonic VOT120 PC Mini. With
computers becoming more and more an integrated part of most households,
manufacturers are now answering the call with space-saving, energy
efficient, easy-to-set-up models like the VOT120. With a basic set of
features and turnkey operation the latest nettop from ViewSonic is sure
to fit comfortably into the niche and pair well with one of their
flatscreen monitors, I'm sure.
Touted as the smarter, greener computing alternative because of its
small size, the ViewSonic VOT120 PC Mini is not likely to stand out on a
shelf next to your home entertainment system. Coming in at only 1.5 x
5.17 x 4.5-in (39 x 130 x 115-mm) the VOT120 is small. It features the
Windows XP Home edition operating system, four USB 2.0 ports and an
eSATA port so you can connect your peripherals, and is powered by a
1.6GHz Single Core Intel Atom N270 CPU.
At first blush, the ViewSonic VOT120 PC Mini would seem capable enough
to handle most typical household computing needs. While it would also
seem a bit light on the memory front, sporting a less-than-impressive
1GB DDR2 SDRAM, it does have a fairly hefty 160GB HDD and well-rounded
connectivity package with both Gigabit Ethernet and integrated
802.11b/g/n wireless.
If you're looking for a small but practical computing option that'll
make you feel all green inside, the new ViewSonic VOT120 PC Mini might
be the thing for you. It certainly won't handle high-end graphics or
intense gaming, but if social networking, basic productivity software,
and email are your thing, it's perfect. The ViewSonic VOT120 PC Mini
retails for $349 and you can check out the full specs at
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