Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sunno S800 Mobile to Run Both Android and Windows Mobile

The Chinese folks from Sunno have announced a new mobile phone. Dubbed
Sunno S880, the new device is inspired from the Sony Ericsson Idou
smartphone and not only looks neat, it also comes packed with a number
of features to get your eye.

Cloned mobile phones from Chinese companies are nothing new for our eyes
and probably not even news anymore, but the main feature of the Sunno
S880 that makes it different, is that the smartphone is able to
dual-boot on both Android and Windows Mobile. This takes the phone into
an entirely different league, however, considering that Chinese mobiles
are usually not much inclined to quality and productivity, we shouldn't
get our hopes too high.

Sunno S880 comes with a 3.6-inch WVGA display, 8-megapixels camera,
WiFi, GPS, an 806 MHz processor, and 128 or 256 megabytes of RAM. The
S880 is expected to be available for Chinese customers by October 15,
and it is very unlikely to be seen or be made available outside of China.
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