Friday, 5 April 2013

Verizon UMW190 USB World Modem

For those of us that travel around the world frequently, there is one
thing upon which we can always count; the inevitable problems that come
with roaming with your cell phone or smartphone. It would seem that the
communications world has come a long way with the increasingly large
number of global phones that are capable of roaming about on various
international networks. There is, however, one segment of this wireless
networking realm that has been conspicuously absent and that's the USB
modem. Their popularity for intra-country use is without dispute but
their ability to move internationally has been a bit of a concern. The
latest USB modem from Verizon, the UMW190, is hoping to change all that.
It offers true global connectivity and promises to give the user 3G
access just about everywhere they may roam.
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