Friday, 5 April 2013

HTC Touch2/HTC MEGA Smartphone

HTC Corporation announced today the introduction of their new HTC Touch2
(also known as the HTC Mega) smartphone. This is one of the first mobile
phones to include Microsoft's new Windows Phone software utilizing
Windows Mobile 6.5 and new Windows Phone services like My Phone and
Windows Marketplace. The HTC Touch2 (the smartphone formerly known as
the HTC Mega) expands HTC's portfolio of touch-based phones and signals
the company's move to bring the full-touch smartphone to a much broader
ranger of customers.
The HTC Touch2 includes a variety of HTC enhancements including
TouchFLO, an enhanced user interface that includes integrated weather
updates and quick touch access to a variety of some of the most popular
applications. In addition, the Touch2 includes Google Maps for Mobile,
YouTube and more. As a new Windows phone, the HTC Touch2 showcases the
powerful messaging, browsing and productivity capabilities delivered by
the new Windows Mobile 6.5. It also offers the ability to synchronize
with Microsoft Exchange, giving users the ability to check and manage
multiple email accounts while on the go.
This handy little phone also includes the updated Internet Explorer
Mobile. So what does that mean? That means that you will actually get to
experience web pages as they were meant to be seen and not some
dumbed-down version of the real thing. The HTC Touch2 includes a zoom
bar for reflowing text to an optimum size along with both pan and zoom
to make for a more enjoyable browsing experience. Internet
Explorer-Mobile also supports Adobe Flash, enabling Flash video content,
like YouTube, to be viewed easily.
The HTC Touch2 is expected to be available on October 6 with broader
availability in a variety of European and Asian markets in early Q4 2009.
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