Saturday, 6 April 2013

Verizon Nokia 2705 Shade Price & Release Date Confirmed

The Nokia 270 Shade, a compact �flip phone which comes with Xpress-on
covers compatibility and which will be offered in two variants (with and
without camera), has been officially confirmed as set to release on
Verizon by the end of next week with those purchasing the 2705 Shade
online during Domestic Violence Awareness Month receiving a free picture
frame phone lanyard and a purple Nokia Xpress-on Cover (while supplies
Details are a little hazy concerning the two models on offer in terms of
pricing with Verizon merely indicating that the 2705 Shade with camera
will become available from October 6th and will retail at just shy of
$30 based on a two year contract though Verizon have not offering any
pricing details concerning the Shade than comes sans camera (which, its
safe to assume, will probably be free on a comparable contract). They
have, however, at least offered us some insight as to what the Nokia
2705 shade brings to the table " though, at this price point, you ll
obviously have to reel in your expectations.

Nokia 2705 Shade Lifestyle Key Features:

Stylish and sleek with interchangeable covers for added personalization
Stores up to 1,000 contacts
Light-weight and easily fits into a pocket or purse
Text, picture and voice messaging capabilities
Up to 300 minutes of usage time or up to 360 hours of standby time
1.3 megapixel camera
Bluetoothยฎ compatible with support for the following Bluetooth
profiles: headset, hands-free, phonebook access, basic printing, and
object push (for vCard and vCalendar)
Micro USB 2.0 compatible
Access to Mobile Web
Interestingly, as well as Verizon offering a free picture frame phone
lanyard and a purple Nokia Xpress-on Cover to those that order the Shade
during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Shade is also touted by
Verizon as being its first ever handset to come with #HOPE pre-loaded as
into its contact list serving to connect you to the National Domestic
Violence Hotline which indicates that, in the main, this handset is
being targeted at the female market (a sad observation, but it is women
after all who are far and away the majority of victims of domestic
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