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Toshiba TG01 WinMo 6.5 Upgrade Available

We covered the Toshiba TG01 reasonably extensively in the past (see
Toshiba TG01 Windows Mobile 6.5 Announced and Orange Toshiba TG01
Release Date Confirmed to name but two instances) and now, if you happen
to already own a TG01 running WinMo 6.1 you ll be pleased to know that
Toshiba are offering a WinMo 6.5 update via their website so you can
step up to the latest version of Microsoft s mobile operating system.
Toshiba s announcement concerning the availability of the WinMo 6.5
upgrade for TG01 owners, as provided below, also serves to confirm that
new TG01 handsets will now come with Windows Mobile 6.5 installed so new
adopters won t need to go to the hassle of upgrading.

Toshiba s press statement reads as follows:

Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd, Mobile Communications Division,
today announcedย the launch of the TG01 Windowsยฎ phone, a variant of
its groundbreaking TG01 featuring the new Windows Mobileยฎ 6.5 operating

The arrival of Windows Mobileยฎ 6.5 and Toshiba s immediate adoption of
the platform for the TG01 sees the handset become a fully-certified
Windowsยฎ phone; the updated TG01 Windowsยฎ phone will start to appear
in stores across Europe from 6th October 2009. Toshiba customers who
have previously purchased the TG01 will also be entitled to an upgrade
to the new Windows Mobileยฎ 6.5, free of charge.

The launch of the TG01 Windowsยฎ phone means users will be able to enjoy
all the benefits of Windows Mobileยฎ 6.5, including a new Home screen
and a finger-friendly start menu. Designed to offer fun and interactive
navigation between applications, Windows Mobileยฎ 6.5 provides users
with faster access to the handset s plethora of features.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile enables users to download and install
Windows Mobileยฎ applications, including Games, Social Networking
functions and office-tools, meaning each handset can be personalised to
suit the tastes and needs of each individual user. Support for the
latest version of Internet Explorerยฎ makes it faster and easier to
browse the Internet, and the free Microsoft My Phone enables users to
protect their phone by backing up data and securely share photos with
families and friends across PC, phone and the web-based platforms.

The TG01 Windowsยฎย phone also comes with the high-power Snapdragon
1GHz processor, as found on the Toshiba TG01, to deliver smooth video
playback, super-fast gaming and detail-rich browsing.ย The same superb,
high-resolution 4.1 � Wide-VGA (800 x 480) touchscreen is also present,
with on-board Coreplayer providing support for a wide variety of video

Despite all this power, the TG01 Windowsยฎ phone comes in the same sleek
9.9mm body as the previously-launched Toshiba TG01.ย It also features
the same rich multimedia features, but with the added benefit of the new
Windowsยฎ phone experience provided by the Windows Mobileยฎ 6.5
operating system.

Expandable SDHC memory up to 32GB provides the facility for users to
keep a large multimedia library on the move if required, with anย 8GB
microSD card bundled as standard, enabling users to store multimedia
content and take advantage of the the handset s cinematic mobile
performance out of the box.ย Integrated GPS and A-GPS technology allows
the TG01 Windowsยฎ phone to double up as a satellite navigation system,
providing rich graphics and detail.

�Windowsยฎ phones bring together the best of the Web, the PC and the
phone so you can connect instantly to the people and information you
care about, no matter where you are, � said from Stephanie Ferguson,
general manager, product management, Microsoft Corp. �The new TG01
Windowsยฎ phone provides a great end-to-end experience that spans your
entire life, at work and at home. �

�Our new TG01 Windowsยฎ phone is quite simply the next step in cutting
edge mobile technology.ย We ve been thrilled with the market s response
to the TG01 handset so far and worked closely with Microsoft to launch
one of the first Windowsยฎ phones to the market.ย Toshiba is constantly
striving to deliver the very best mobile experience and we are excited
what this new Windowsยฎ phone update will bring our customers, with an
improved user interface and access to a multitude of applications
through Windows Marketplace. � said Hidehito Koka, Deputy Managing
Director, Toshiba Information Systems UK Ltd, Mobile Communications Division

An update to the new Windows Mobileยฎ 6.5 operating system for existing
owners of TG01 will be available for download from Toshiba s website:
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