Friday, 5 April 2013

USB Snoop Stick Computer Monitoring Dongle

So are you one of those super paranoid individuals that's constantly
worried about what your kids or significant others are up to on your
computer? Are you concerned that your children are being exposed to
endless streams of violence or pornography when you can't be there to
monitor their computer usage? Do you think your spouse is secretly
chatting it up with some younger version of yourself? OK, now that we've
got you all worked up, how about picking up the USB Snoop Stick so you
can find out all of things you really didn't want to know about what
goes on when you're away.
The USB Snoop Stick is the ultimate in computer spying technology.
According to the makers of this little Mata Hari, all you need to do is
insert the Snoop Stick into an empty USB port on your computer and run
the included software program. You can then remotely monitor the goings
on of your PC remotely by inserting the same Snoop Stick into any
Internet-connected computer's USB port. You click Connect and View
Remote Activity and you're on your way. The SnoopStick will then start
displaying what the computer is accessing on the web, or any IM
conversations, as well as email activity and software used. You can also
download and view the activity logs that the Snoop Stick software has
If that weren't invasive enough for you, the Snoop Stick can also take
screenshots automatically at pre-set intervals, or whenever websites are
accessed. You can also send messages to anyone using the computer to let
them know they're being watched, and you can also remotely cut off
Internet access, log off all users, or shut down the computer.
The USB Snoop Stick is available for 74.95GBP (about $122) from
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