Friday, 5 April 2013

Sony Plans to Sell 3D TVS

Rumors have it that Sony is making the push into 3D TVs and 3D
technology, and is all set to hit the home consumer market next year. At
today's keynote speech at IFA 2009, Sony's CEO Sir Howard Stringer is
expected to announce plans not only for a 3D BRAVIA TV, but also about
3D-capable VAIO laptops, Playstation 3 game consoles and Blu-ray disc

The Blu-Ray Disc Association — where Sony is a major player
— is firming up plans to incorporate 3D TV content into the
optical disc standard. In a statement ahead of the IFA 2009, BDA said
that the spec will be backward compatible with existing players and that
discs will include a 2D version of the same content. It is unclear
whether they share the same 2010 timeline, though.

Sony has opted for active shutter technology, using electronic
eyeglasses with tiny shutters that open and close rapidly in sync with
the TV's image to deliver a separate image to each eye and hence create
a 3D impression.

Sony had their 3D TV showcased in January at CES, so the guys know where
they get themselves in, but if Stringer is going to announce it still
remains a mystery. We have our fingers crossed though …
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