Saturday, 6 April 2013

T-Mobile Pulse Smartphone

There is no doubt that the use of smartphones is on the rise. They are
becoming more affordable and easier to use and people are beginning to
lose some of the fear they initially had about the viability of such
technology. Now, that being said, there is still the whole necessary
evil of extended length service contracts. You practically have to sign
your life away and provide DNA samples to secure the latest Android
phones at what most would consider a reasonable price. Well, it looks
like T-Mobile UK is set to make waves as they announced today the
release of the Pulse, their first pay-as-you-go Android 1.5 smartphone.
And the Pulse is no dumbed-down version of the real thing, either.
Hot off the presses this morning, T-Mobile UK has announced the launch
of the Pulse smartphone. This introduction marks the first pay-as-you-go
Android 1.5 smartphone and the third from the folks at T-Mobile. It
would seem that they have fully accepted the mass-market benefits of
providing its customers with increased choice and payment flexibility.
Huawei, a relative newcomer when it comes to working with T-Mobile,
manufactures the new mobile device. It would seem that the rumor mill
had been active on this front ever since the electronics giant put on a
veritable show earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress in
Barcelona. If their latest device hits home with consumers, this may be
the start of a long and mutually beneficial working relationship. As
with any new courtship, only time will tell.
The T-Mobile Pulse is backed by the Qualcomm MSM7200A chipset and weighs
in at a mere 130-g. In the vein of the Blackberry devices, it sports a
trackball-type navigation device paired with a 3.5-in HVGA touchscreen
display. And if this weren't enough, the Pulse also features a 3.2MP
camera that enables the user to send their photos straight into
cyberspace with the touch of a virtual button. ?As for storage space,
there's an ample 2GB of internal memory as well as a micro SD card slot.
That should give users basically unlimited capacity for all of their
multimedia files.
The Pulse smartphone will be available exclusively from T-Mobile
starting this October. The phone itself is slated to retail for
179.99GBP and T-Mobile is said to be working out the details when it
comes to the monthly contract charges.

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