Saturday, 6 April 2013

Samsung X Series Netbooks Announced With CULV Processors

It seems to be raining ultraportables nowadays. Yesterday it was the
VAIO X from Sony and the $810 Nokia Booklet 3G and now its time for
Samsung and their new X series of super-slim laptops — all running
on Intel's increasingly popular Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV)
processors . These processors are cheap, power-efficient and light
allowing Samsung to build them no thicker than one inch and weighing up
to 4 pounds.

The X Series line consists of a trio of fairly ordinarily laptops (at a
first glance), the X420 with a 14-inch screen, the X520 with a 14.6 inch
screen and the X120 with a 11.6 inch screen. The first two come with a
6-cell batteries and are claimed to have up to 9 hours of battery life
(or 6 hours of movie playback) while the X120 has a 4-cell battery, but
more interestingly they all feature a scratch-resistant UV coating and a
nice glossy finish.
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