Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sony VAIO X Ultraportable Announced

Today, at the IFA 2009 press event in Berlin, Sony have just unveiled
the new VAIO X Ultraportable. Only 1-inch thick, the superslim Vaio X
ultraportable comes with a 11.1-inch display and weighs in at a pound
and a half. Speaking of light, the new machine is also durable as its
body is being constructed from carbon fiber.

Although Sony failed to officially release a full specs lists, we assume
that the Vaio X ultraportable will run on Intel's Atom processors (come
on Sony, you could do better) and will sport a new all day battery
that, like its name says, is claimed to set the new standard for stamina.

No release date has been announced (yet) for the Sony VAIO X
ultraportable . Whether it will turn out to be much of a competition for
other players in the arena such as the MacBook Air and the Santech LV1,
remains to be seen. Meanwhile we're waiting on hard specs and pricing
details, because the device seems very promising.

We'll update you as soon as we have more.
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